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  • Sugar Cravings Part 2Written May 21, 2013 by Anne under Blog

    Do you ever wonder why you crave sugar and why you can’t get enough sweets?  Here’s a short video about what causes those crazy sugar cravings.  Click on the Sugar Cravings Video 2 link to view. Enjoy!   Sugar Cravings video 2      

  • My Mother’s Gift to MeWritten May 12, 2013 by Anne under Blog

          Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there!  This is a day when I reflect on all the gifts my Mom gave to me.  As I look back on all my childhood experiences I remember Mom preparing meals, helping with home work, driving us to events, and shopping.  As I grew…

  • Sugar Cravings – Part 1Written May 7, 2013 by Anne under Blog

    We know it’s not good for us, but it tempts us everyday.  Do you crave sugar or sweets?  Do you need that piece of candy, cookie or cake?  Do you have to eat something sweet with every meal? If  this sounds familiar, this video is for you.  This is part 1 of a 3 part series…