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Hi! I am Anne Knapp, a holistic health coach, Physical Therapist, and fitness enthusiast.  I have been in the health care/wellness field for over 20 years.  With all that said, you might think I would have no health concerns what so ever.  However, over the years I have pushed my self to work hard and exercise hard with only mild attention to my diet.  My philosophy was that if I did everything else with a lot of gusto my diet wouldn’t really matter.  I was so wrong!  Truthfully, I felt stuck, afraid to change anything and overwhelmed with the prospect of doing so.  Although I was not overweight, I gradually developed bloating, skin rashes, pain symptoms and overall fatigue. I had symptoms of Rosacea and Raynaud’s that were worsening.  It took longer for me to accomplish tasks because I was frazzled.  With the help of a coach I was able to turn this around.  I changed my eating habits, my sleeping patterns and my thought processes.  You may be thinking that sounds like a lot of work and that I had to deprive myself of things that I enjoyed.  The truth is completely opposite.  I actually have been able to lessen the amount of time that I exercise to achieve the same results.  I enjoy what I eat and I don’t feel deprived.  My mission is to empower others to change there health the way I have.  There is no one correct way to achieve your ultimate health, but having knowledge about how to make choices for better health gives you a start.  I hope that this blog will help to shed a little light on some of those choices!  If it gets a little dry, please let me know.  I really prefer to add a little humor.  Laughing is good exercise!

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