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Throughout my life, I have had difficulty making “decisions”.  You know, the answers to those all-important questions like:  What after school activities to become involved in? What college to go to?  What to be when I grow up? (Actually, I have chosen not to grow up, so this question never needs to be answered).  Even the simple questions like what to order for dinner at a restaurant.  At times, I would just ignore the situation rather than decide.  Decision-schism – do I really have to decide?

What I have learned is that making a decision is not really the ultimate thing to do.  A decision is so final. Just look at the word itself.  Decide literally means “to cut off” according to Etymonline.com (an online etymology dictionary). I guess I always felt that energy and believed it would limit me.  Instead I now follow the energy of the situation and then simply choose. 

It may seem like just semantics, but to me the energy of decide is the final step. There’s no turning back. Finished.  Where to choose, has the feel of options.  I can choose this and this and this.  Ten seconds later I can choose that and this and that. Ten seconds later I could choose the same thing all over again, or not.   It’s infinite and allows the opportunity for more in my life, not limitations. 

What if you chose to quit cutting off things in your life?  What if you simply chose to follow the energy of every situation and choose for that moment?  And then choose again and again and again?  What infinite possibilities could you create?




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