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Hi You! It’s Your Body Talking.





Hi you!  This is your body talking.  Well, rather yelling!   You have not listed to my little hints I have been throwing at you.  Your running nose, that bit of indigestion, bloating belly.  Those were all my ways of communicating to you.  But you never talked back to me.  You never asked me what I was trying to tell you.  I like questions for communication.  It’s a little simpler, because you know at times we speak different languages.  Since you haven’t been listening, I have decided to yell at you by throwing in some pain.  I don’t mean to be so harsh, but for goodness sake, would you listen.  I get it.  You’re not used to this type of thing.  Let me tell you what I would like to hear from you.  Just simply some questions.  Ask me what I would like to wear.  Ask me what I would like to eat or drink.  Ask me what activity I would like to do.  So that you can hear me correctly ask it in a yes or no question.  Practice first to see what way I respond as a yes or no.  To do this ask me if my name is ________(insert your name in the blank).  See which way I sway.  Then ask me is my name is _______(insert someone else’s name in the blank).  See which way I sway.  This will let you know how I communicate yes and no.   Now you are ready to talk to me.  Grab that candy bar your head has been telling you it wants and put it near your belly or your heart.  Ask me if I want to eat it?  I will tell you with my sway.  You got it!   I know it might take you a little practice, but for goodness sakes, I’ve been here for several years without you listening or talking to me.  I’m waiting…..




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