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Live in your truth, open your heart, follow your energy, be vulnerable and your life will expand exponentially.  ~  Anne Knapp

On my Facebook page, (facebook.com/unleashyourhealthwithanne), I post inspirational quotes and often talk about living your truth.  But what do I really mean by that. (I know don’t end a sentence with a proposition, but that it how I talk.)  Do you really know what your truth is?  Do I really know what my truth is?

Let’s start out with the definition of true.  Various sources define it as “not false”, “real”, “genuine”, “authentic”.  And truth is the state of being true.  So to live in your truth is the state of being real, genuine and authentic.  We’ve got that don’t we?  We are always real.

What I have found, and my guess is I am not alone,  is that it is not that easy to be real.  As a toddler it is easy to be genuine, because that is the only thing the mind knows.  But as we age we get input from all over the place.  Parents, teachers, preachers, siblings, friends, they all contribute.  This input is implanted into our brain and leads to judgments and conclusions.  It’s the basis for how we decide what’s right and wrong.

Let me give you an example.  Everyone in your family has gone to college.  You have heard the statement several times, that unless you get a college degree you will not be able to make enough money to support yourself.  You had a job at a local coffee shop after school that you really enjoyed and you were good at it.  However, because of ideas that had been implanted in you, you created a conclusion that you must go to college, even though deep down inside you really wanted to work in the coffee shop.  When at college as you were attempting to study you thought of that coffee shop job again but quickly dismissed it and judged it as something that was not right for you.  You graduated from college, got a job as a computer programmer.  You were making money and supporting yourself.  You had a house and a new car, but quickly became bored and disinterested in the job.  You went to work each day to make money, but there was no joy in doing so.

You , in this example, were not following your truth.  You had decided, that all those ideas fed to you by others, were also what was right for you. You judged yourself as wrong for even thinking of a different path.  The more you are living in judgment, especially of yourself, the less you are living in your own truth.

So to live in your truth follow what brings you joy, happiness and ease.  Allow yourself, your body, your heart to lead you in all the choices you make of how you will be you – your truth.



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